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Custom Clip Request

*ALL custom videos have a required $100 editing fee.

If we have not discussed your request, make sure you ask me about it before you pay for anything.

THANK YOU for visiting my custom clip page. I really hope we get to work together to make your fantasy come alive. To expedite the process & make sure we're on the same page, please read ALL of the information below.

1. TALENT: I do not offer custom clips with other models/ porn stars. I (LADY FYRE) will be the woman in the clip. If you ask for another performer or for anything other than a SOLO clip, I will reject your request.

2. FEES & PAYMENT: Read my fees BEFORE submitting this form & make sure you are prepared to pay for the clip type & options you've chosen. Customs must be 100% paid up front to reserve my time for recording & my attention to your request.

3. LIMITS: I do female dominant or power-neutral clips only. I do not sub or switch. I will not mention race at all. No sex, masturbation, dildos, strip tease, or below-the-waist nudity. I also never show my stomach. Due to new credit card processor limits, I am now restricting my xxx "taboo" content to "step" relations.

4. SCRIPTING: I enjoy using my creativity & intellect to make good content. However, there is a space on this form to list a few lines, words or phrases you'd like me to use. If you feel a need to script your clip, there is an extra charge. $100 is the minimum charge & will increase as your script increases in complexity.

5. LENGTH, TURNAROUND, DELIVERY: Clip length may vary by 1 or 2 minutes each direction. Turnaround time is around 4 weeks but may be up to a week longer if I'm particularly busy.

6. LEGAL STUFF: By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years old (or 21 years, if that's the age of majority where you live) & are legally permitted to purchase & view pornographic material. I retain the copyright for my content-- even custom & exclusive clips. By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you will not post the clip on any forum, file sharing site, torrent site, pay site, or tube site, you will not share the clip with anyone for free, and you will not sell the clip privately or publicly. I may re-sell all customs unless you pay for exclusivity.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you to make your fantasy come alive on film. Customs are one of my favorite things.

***Very specific makeup/ hair request: This fee is only charged if you have very specific instructions and I have to film your clip on a different day from my other customs, or I have to completely re-do my makeup or hair just for you. If you have concerns about this, please message me ahead of time. I RARELY charge this fee.

Solo Video ONLY (NO SEX!!!!!!!!)
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