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Stepmom's Porno

You wake up with me, your stepmom, stroking your cock. I smile because I know you've never been touched before. I borrowed your computer the other day and discovered you have a fetish for tease and denial. I want to know if you like it in real life. I need you to get very horny now. I have a man coming over later, and he's going to pound my tight pussy with his huge cock. He has a large, circumcised penis, and that's what I love. Especially compared to your small, uncircumcised penis. He loves my tits, and his favorite thing is when I put his huge, hard dick between my breasts and give him a tit job. I love when his cum covers my chest. I bet you'd love to do that to me, but that's not your fate. I pull out a chastity cage, locking you up, and telling you that you'll have to spend the night throbbing against the metal while you listen to me having sex in the next room. Now how do you feel about tease and denial?
Stepmom's Porno

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Loud and Proud

If you're going to be in my service, you must be completely honest with me. The truth is that you love sucking cock. Don't deny yourself. Watch my stud show off his gorgeous muscles and worship his huge cock.
Loud and Proud

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Stepmom Lets Me Impregnate Mallory Sierra

Remastered and upscaled with AI: The scene that started it all! We know how much our fans love Mallory Sierra and you've been wishing that all those scenes were shot in 4K. Well, with the help of new AI technology, we were able to upscale to 4K and retain excellent quality. This scene will only be on the site for a limited time.
Stepmom Lets Me Impregnate Mallory Sierra

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Leggy Lawyer - Part 1

Coming 06/15/2024

You seek out a lawyer because you’re being black mailed by a coworker. She has compromising photos of you, but you have no memory of your time with her and no idea how she took the photos. You were sent to this lawyer by a friend who was in a similar situation. You’re aware that this lawyer has unconventional methods for solving legal troubles, but you trust her. Things get a little strange when she asks you to describe what your fetishes are. You're too shy to say, so she starts showing off her body. She tells you to start sipping, and things get even more strange when she tells you to jerk off for her. "You’re like a leg puppet being pulled by legs. Like the legs are the strings. Any woman who’s confidently showing off her legs can pull those strings, and you’re too weak to resist." You can feel her pulling you in as she tells you things she shouldn't know. You know that you’re vulnerable due to your desires. Women could take advantage of you, and they have. But this one seems different. You can feel that she won't break. She tells you to sniff as she draws you deeper with leg crosses and double crosses. She's going to use you, train you, manipulate you. You're going to worship her and strive to please her. But she's not going to harm you as other women have. In the end, you're too messed up to cum, but it doesn't bother you all that much. You're too enamored with this new obsession. She tells you to go home and think about your choices. She can help you, but she's not sure if you deserve it. You need to come back again, confident that you can be worthy of her mercy, confident you'll commit to her solution.
Leggy Lawyer - Part 1

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Teacher's Nylon Fetish

Coming 06/22/2024

You're a student in Mrs. Fyre's class, and you can't stop staring at her pantyhose-covered legs. She keeps you after school one day to confess that she has a nylon fetish too. She pulls out a pair of pantyhose, which she sexily slides over her pantyhose, and she plays with your cock with her nylon and pantyhose covered feet. She handles your cock expertly and strokes with between her legs and her feet. Then she stands up & tells you to fuck her thighs. She lets you fuck her pussy too. After she's thoroughly exhausted your cock and fulfilled all of her fantasies and her own, she tells you that since you've been a good boy you can cum on her legs.
Teacher's Nylon Fetish

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Naughty Neighbor

Coming 06/26/2024

Stepmom invites over your new neighbor, Tana, to get to know her. "Have you been to a Homeowner's Association Meeting yet?" she asks. "I'll get you the details for the meeting tonight." When stepmom looks down at her phone, Tana looks at you, rolls her eyes and mouths, "Homeowner's meeting?" Apparently she's not the meeting type. Stepmom has to leave to pick up your fa from the airport, and as soon as she's gone, Tana really begins to flirt.

Your neighbor has seen you watching her when she's gardening in her swimsuit, but she doesn't mind. She wants to show you more. She pulls off her top then gets down on her knees and starts sucking your cock. She's in the middle of riding you when your stepmom walks back in. 

She forgot something at home & came back for it. Tana thinks she's in trouble, but you know what the real issue is. You keep screwing all these MILFs without your stepmom, but stepmom wants to have fun too. You're eager to turn the twosome into a threesome. Three is never a crowd when beautiful women are involved.

Naughty Neighbor

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Sissy Only Cums in Pantyhose

Coming 06/29/2024

You've were so jealous of women wearing pantyhose until you realized that you could wear them too. Now you like to wear them whenever you can, and even under your pants. The problem is, you're so sensitive that when you feel the silky material against your clitty, it's hard for you not to make a mess in your pants. You've come to the right place sissy. I won't humiliation, chastise, or judge you for loving pantyhose. I love them too. But we do need to work on desensitizing you to the sensation so that you can continue to wear them in public and feel sexy all day long. You're going to cum for me while we talk about your obsession.
Sissy Only Cums in Pantyhose

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