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Instant Gratification

Custom (no name): You're a stud with a big cock who is quite experienced with women. Your whole life you've been able to get any woman you want. At first you appreciated them, but as you had sex with more & more of them over the years, you became jaded. You've heard of a sensual witch who helps men who are struggling in their sex lives. She has the ability to read men & their deficiencies through having sex with them. Yet you believe that your penis is so amazing, and your stamina so great that she'll read you & pronounce you flawless. After taking you into her mouth, she determines that there is an issue that needs further study. You're confused & angry. How dare this woman tell you that there's a problem. She puts your cock inside her & rides you. Sex is no longer satisfying to you. That's why you sought me out. The enchantress promises that she can solve this problem. She performs a ritual, says a spell, and then begins to have sex with you again, assuring you that your pleasure will be increased. You can feel it immediately. In fact... wait a minute... you feel like you're going to cum already. She starts stroking your cock & you explode in orgasm. How did that happen? You never cum that fast. She laughs & explains that you're a vain, selfish man. You were no longer getting any pleasure from sex because you took for granted the power of a woman, the power of pussy. The spell she cast will make you a premature ejaculator forever. You'll never last longer than a few minutes inside of a woman. The power of pussy will forever be overwhelming to you. She humiliates you, telling how you'll never be able to pound at a women again. From now on, you'll need to learn how to please her first... with your hands or mouth... before you can even hope to come near her pussy with your cock. Maybe if you get good enough at pleasuring women through selfless acts, they might overlook your premature ejaculation issue. But most likely you'll endure a life of humiliation, perhaps by the very women who you viewed as conquests in the past. Customer Feedback: I love the overall "positive" tone to the clip. Flopping Mr. Fyre's cock around, for example, keeps the tone fun even as it's emasculating. I think the "reading" aspect of the clip is brilliant and I love your hot execution. Probably my favorite part though is your delivery as your lover becomes overwhelmed. Great stuff.
Instant Gratification

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Performance Review from Hot Boss

Coming 06/21/2021

It's time for your performance review. The trouble is, I can't honestly see a reason to keep you on at this company... unless you want to service me. I don't need any more secretaries, and you have a dick I can ride. So get it out and make sure you keep it nice and hard for me. This is all you're good for Mike.
Performance Review from Hot Boss

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Breeding Stepmom

Coming 06/25/2021

You don't trust your stepmother. You're pretty sure she married your da d for his money even though you can't prove it. They do seem in love, but there's something strange about her. Today you walk into your room and she's sitting on your bed, waiting for you in her underwear. Well, this is new. She's never walked around in her underwear before, but she's acting like this is normal. Your fa ther has been sad lately, and he finally told her that he wants to have another ch ild, but she knows that he's too old now to impregnate her. She's been expecting this day to come, and she didn't know how it would all play out, but she's been taking hormones in anticipation. They need your help. You can get her pregnant and your d ad will never know the difference. You're going off to college this summer, so you don't even have to be around when it's born, and she doesn't expect anything else of you. All you have to do is breed her. Come deep inside her tight pussy and give her the young seed that she needs? Will you help her? Will you help your f ather?
Breeding Stepmom

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Momma's Boy Turned Sissy Slut

Coming 06/28/2021

Your stepmother sits you down to have "the talk," but it quickly gets a little twisted. She tells you that she knows you're different than normal boys. She's always known, and it's okay. Sensing, that you're getting a little tense, she breaks out a bottle of (inhalant) & coaches you through sniffing your first hit. As soon as you exhale, she confesses she knows how weak they make you & how she can now mold you into anything she wants.  What step-mommy always wanted was a slutty stepdaughter. As she feeds you sniffs of your (inhalant) she talks about what a slutty girl she's going to make you. She's going to dress you up & put make up on you. Don't you realize she's been grooming you your whole life for this? Taking you to get your nails done, taking you shopping at the mall, teaching you how to sew. She was planting seeds & now it's time fertilize them.  Slutty girls suck dick, and that's exactly what stepmommy wants you to do. She encourages you to rub your clitty as she talks about how you're going to bend over for alpha cock. You'll learn to love the taste of cum, and she's going to own you for the rest of your sissy life. You know you wouldn't want to disappoint step-mommy, now would you? She's dedicated her life to raising you, and now it's your turn to give her what she wants & make her proud. She coaches you through rubbing your clitty then urges you to lick it up. You're going to learn to love the taste of a man's cum sliding down the back of your throat. "But don't worry sweetie, you'll never be alone. I'll be right there, teaching you."
Momma's Boy Turned Sissy Slut

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