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September 2022
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Be Careful What You Wish For

You're here because you're constantly looking forward to the next orgasm and life is passing you by. I know powerful spells, and I remind you that you might not always get exactly what you think you're asking for. I tell you to allow your eyes to follow the pendant, follow the pendulum. And then I ask you the same question I ask everyone: What do you feel like doing now? You say you feel like masturbating, so I tell you to do it. It's not long before you realize something feels different? What is it? Shouldn't you be close to orgasm by now? What if you could never orgasm again? That certainly would cure your problem, wouldn't it? Sometimes we get not what we ask for but what we need.
Be Careful What You Wish For

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Nurse's Isolation Ward

CUSTOM: Oh good you're awake. Don't try to struggle; you've been restrained. It's for your own good. Once you calm down & we come to an understanding, I promise I'll remove the restraints. What I want you to do right now is focus on me & my voice. It will help. You're in an isolation ward & I am the nurse in charge. The doctor only comes in to check on patients when I tell him there's a problem. The room is soundproof so there's no use in screaming. We're going to get to know one another quite well. You may not believe me now, but by the time I'm done with you, you won't want to leave. Now watch my lips as I speak to you. Concentrate. The harder you stare, the more you watch them move, the less you notice your surroundings. You accept your situation & you stop struggling. You notice that you like the idea of me having so much control over you. You give in to my abilities. Stare into my blue eyes & feel yourself pulled toward me even more. You notice, as you start to get hard, that there's something around your cock. I explain that I've placed a chastity cage there. Sometimes I'll come into your hospital room & I might sit on you or tease you, and that cage is there for your protection. As long as you're on my ward, you'll only get as much pleasure as I want you to. I'll drive you crazy with my scent. I can tell by your reaction to me that my scent will help me control you. Breathe deeply & allow your subconscious mind to be pulled toward my will. I'm going to take off your restraints, and you'll lie completely still for me. You like being under my care, my control. You're going to be here for a long time, and I'll slowly train you to be mine.
Nurse's Isolation Ward

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Stepmom's Special Boy - Part 7

Stepmom comes in from yet another wild night with her lover, and she reveals something that both excites and torments you. She's filmed herself having sex with her lover, and she's going to show you the video. She feels a sense of obligation for you, and since you're a virgin and haven't been exposed to much sex, you're not going to know what to do when the time comes... if a woman is ever willing to have sex with you. She shows you position by position in person while you watch the tape of her doing each position with her lover. She talks all about how big his dick is and how small yours is in comparison. You wouldn't even be able to do doggy style because it would keep falling out... not that she'd let you since she's your stepmom after all. Once she's done touching you, jerking you, tormenting you, and generally having a good time at your expense, she tells you that she's going to leave the video playing on repeat. She doesn't want you to miss and single moment and this is an excellent learning opportunity she's providing you.
Stepmom's Special Boy - Part 7

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Humiliating Blackmail of Tiny Dick Coworker

I confront you about lying to your coworkers about your penis size. Who does that? Why did you even feel the need to talk about your size at work? Only someone with a small dick would do that. You lie to me too, and I remind you that I know your ex. She said you’re tiny. Oh, you’re calling her a liar? Let’s see it! Pull it out and show me! If you don’t, I’m going to tell everyone in the office what your ex said. It’s so small! Are you a grower? Show me. If you don’t, I’ll tell everyone that you pulled out your penis at work. You lied again! You’re not a grower. I want you to jerk it to completion so this moment will be cemented in your mind. You deserve this humiliation.
Humiliating Blackmail of Tiny Dick Coworker

Time Out: Privates School

You're in the principal's office with your teacher Mrs Fyre because you were caught grabbing girls' butts in class. She calls in your stepsister Mandy to help her understand what's going on with you. Mrs Fyre explains that if this was a public school you'd be expelled for sexual harassment, but at this private school they believe in teaching good behavior as well as academics.

Your teacher asks your stepsister to explain your behavior, and she doesn't have an explanation, but as your teacher asks more questions about your household activities, it becomes clear what the issue is. Mandy has been teasing you with her ass, showing off in the shower & while she's dressing. You've also walked in on her & her stepdad having sex. Mandy finally confesses. Mrs Fyre realizes that a unique situation requires a unique solution. She reminds Mandy of one of the school's rules: If you're part of the problem, become part of the solution. She's not going to make Mandy do anything she doesn't want to do, but if she doesn't help you, you're going to be expelled.

Mandy really doesn't want to see her stepbrother in trouble, and she knows it's her fault you're in the office. She's at least partially responsible for your ass fetish. Your teacher pulls up Mandy's skirt & encourages her to show off her ass again to get you excited, then Mandy rides your cock. Eventually her legs get tired & your teacher agrees to take over for a little while. She's really committed to helping you overcome your sexual frustration so you can be a better student. You're in heaven with two big asses bouncing on your cock. It was totally worth getting in trouble to get this kind of special treatment.
Time Out: Privates School

Sunday September 25
Poison Ivy and the Mind Control Potion

Coming 09/25/2022

Poison Ivy Parody. We had a deal- I help you catch one of the city's worst crooks, and in return you & your superhero friends gather enough evidence to put Ace Chemical Disposal Plant out of business. I put myself in danger to catch the crook & hold up my end of the bargain. You never followed through with your half, so I had to handle it on my own. I staked out the plant for weeks, and while I was there I stumbled upon something amazing: the D22 Isolate. I've been working on my control serum for years with some success, but I wanted it to be stronger. While I was at the Plant I discovered the D22 Isolate, a chemical that stabilized the bonds in my control serum. Now this serum is strong enough that not even a superhero can escape its permanent effects. You're about to become my personal superhero.
Poison Ivy and the Mind Control Potion

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