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February 2024
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Sperm Bank Nurse Bait and Switch

You go to a new sperm bank to make a donation and are surprised when the nurse's assistant ties you up, but you go with it. Then the nurse comes in. She's a smoking hot redhead with red lips and a banging body. So you wait patiently until she explains that you're tied up because at this sperm bank the nurses do manual extraction. Rather than sending you into the bathroom with a magazine and a cup, you're going to get a hand job. You're on board completely, and your dick is rock hard before she even touches you. When she removes her lab coat, you start to leak pre-cum. That's when you notice she's lights up. Little do you know you're here as part of an experiment and this hot redhead nurse isn't going to let you cum.
Sperm Bank Nurse Bait and Switch

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Romantic Valentine's Day with StepMom (2016)

Re-release of a 2016 scene, shot in the "traditional" Lady Fyre taboo style (if you know what I mean). A fancy hotel room, sparkling cider & handcrafted chocolates, as well as some new lingerie. StepMom has really outdone herself this Valentine's Day. Each one has been more special than the last as you grow closer. "I love that we get to spend all of our holidays together," she says, and then she gets down to business. "You know what I've been looking forward to all day? Putting my lips around your sweet, young cock." You can feel your cock pulse with enthusiasm as she stares at you. She wraps her lips around you & lovingly sucks. "What do you think the people in the next room would say if they knew I was spending Valentine's Day with [you]?" She strips out of her lingerie then bends over to give you a spectacular view of her ass. "Other [women] just don't know what they're missing out on," she says as she rides your cock. "They don't understand the special, intimate relationship you can have with your [stepson]." As the fire burns in the fireplace, adding to the intimacy, she asks you to make love to her missionary style. "I know it's a traditional position, but this IS a traditional holiday, regardless of how modern we are." She compliments you on learning new techniques to please her. "Fuck [me] right," she says, then she cums on your cock. She turns around and offers you her pussy from behind. She thrusts her ass back toward you in d0ggystyle. "Despite what people in society might think, this works out perfectly for us.... I know just how to make you cum." You pull out & shoot your load all over her ass & pussy, and she loves it. Then she tells you to lie down & gather your strength because she'll be horny again soon.
Romantic Valentine's Day with StepMom (2016)

Sunday February 11
Secretary Ruins Your Valentine Day

CUSTOM: You & your wife have plans to go out for Valentine's Day, but if you're going to be around for a few minutes, take a look at that paperwork for me. While you're looking at the paperwork, I snap my fingers & you're instantly in a trance for me. It's so easy these days. I've been training you daily after work, and now you're easy to control. I know it's been a year since you've had sex with your wife. The rumor in the office is that your wife won't give you any. I suspect that tonight she's going to try something, since it is Valentine's Day. But I also know that it's going to be so easy for me to control you because you don't have much to lose. You're staring at me every day. You know every inch of exposed flesh, even in my office attire. And you've developed quite a fascination with my legs. So take off your pants & stroke for me. I know you've been wanting this. I'm going to drain you so well today that you won't even be interested in your wife tonight. I'm going to have you edge over and over until you think you can't it anymore. You know you want it to last so long, getting right up to the edge & then backing off at my command. If your wife does actually try to have sex with you, you won't be able to get it up. Because from now on, you only get hard for me. She's let herself go, her & her dried up cunt. You're mine. I want more control. You're going to think of me all day long. You should be grateful to me for invading your subconscious & taking advantage of you. This is the best you've felt in ages. I masturbate with you & give you a cum countdown. When you pop, it will be the best orgasm you've had in over a year. Your wife doesn't stand a chance.
Secretary Ruins Your Valentine Day

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Tug It and Chug It

It's a common misconception that every sissy is good at sucking cock or can be trained to be good. I have a special talent for knowing when a sissy is worth training, and I can tell that you're going to be great. I'll start you on this small white dildo, then if you prove yourself, I will give you this big black cock to practice on, and then one day you will graduate to real cocks.
Tug It and Chug It

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Hands-Free Orgasm Deceit

I've been taking classes on how to better mesmerize, and I would really like to try my new technique on you. You must first consent, and then you must promise to be the best subject you can possibly be. Your reward will be a hands-free orgasm while watching my beautiful legs. Are you up to the challenge of going so very deep for me? Of opening your mind even more than you've ever opened it before? Will you, my leg puppet, make your mind a blank slate upon which I write my desires in order to control you?
Hands-Free Orgasm Deceit

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